About Us

Detour Beer Co.

Passion for the Yarra Valley, and enjoying quality produce.


The BEST Detour is always via beer.

Why we exist:

We exist to create the perfect Yarra Valley Detour. For the city-slickers and the tourists. For the Yarra locals and Eastern suburb frequenters. We bring to you the Yarra Valley knock-off.

So the winemakers of the Yarra Valley have a refined and quality drink to have when they finish their day. So that the hard workers on the farms and fields have a cool crisp lager to clean their palate after hours in the sun. For all these reasons and just because we love beer, we exist.

Who we are:

We are a passionate team of beer producers who have a long family history of producing in the Yarra Valley. Spear-headed by fourth generation Napoleone family members, Detour Beer Co. is a consolidated effort of creating a dedicated beer production team in the Yarra Valley.

On the back of 70+ years of family legacy, living and breathing the Yarra Valley story, our time has come after generations of work in the fields to take a new direction and bring beer to the Valley.

What we do:

We brew beer in our brewhouse in the Yarra Valley at the old Emperor’s Prize property on St. Hubert’s road. The building is a converted dairy and we share the space in The Taphouse with the Napoleone Cider team. While we produce all our beers from start to finish here, the Napoleone team produce their products at the property next door. Showcasing the best of local produce The Taphouse is open 10am-5pm every day where you can meet with our talented staff and engage with the products we create.